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Low Rider
RTC's Midget Movie O' The Month

"It's the pictures that got small."
--Norma Desmond, Sunset Boulevard (1950)

So, you've rented the James Bond-with-midgets flick, For Your Height Only and you're bored with those trite staples of filmmaking like narrative, then we suggest you check out Werner Herzog's Even Dwarves Started Small.

Filmed in a sanitarium with an all-midget cast, Herzog lets the little people hold court by improvising this exercise in free-form nightmares. See where Harmony Korine gained his inspiration for his stories of grotesque beauty. Hear Herzog play professor to Crispin Glover's zealous student on the DVD's commentary track. And if the sight of a group of midgets marching around a courtyard holding a monkey tied to a crucifix is too disturbing of an image for you, then forget we mentioned the whole thing.


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