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Shaft: The Next Generation
Man, That Shaft Director Is One Bad... Hush Your Mouth!

One of the best and worst things about making movies is its' collaborative nature. A variety of people from all walks of life come together to share an artistic vision. Unfortunately, Hollywood is the Jackass Magnet of the World, which means most of these collaborations take place amongst lunatics, egomaniacs, and coke fiends. This volatile scenario often leads to one of our favorite "leaked"-to-the-press events-THE ON-SET DISPUTE.

Last year, rumors were squelched from the set of Antony Hoffman's Red Planet (aka MARS) that Tom Sizemore and the notoriously difficult Val Kilmer had filed restraining orders against each other.

Now comes word from the set of John Singleton's remake of Shaft (starring Samuel Jackson & Sam Rockwell) that the star, the director & producer Scott Rudin are having one of those creative blocks. Here's how the NY Post hears it:

The newspaper claimed that, among other things, Singleton has been occupying himself "with sexy young extras" in his trailer, causing him to show up on the set late, and unnecessarily reshooting scenes from the beginning. According to the Post, when Singleton turned up late for a shoot and began dancing to music blaring from his SUV, Rudin told him, "Do me a favor and dance your ass behind the camera."

Jackson reportedly joined in, accusing Singleton of "acting like a bleeping a---hole."


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